Who We Are

Ever since our firm’s founding in 1919, we have been an Arkansas firm. For the past 103 years our firm has been committed to providing design excellence and client oriented professional services. We look forward to continuing that tradition. Studio 6 Architects is a team of experienced architects with a long history of successful projects in Arkansas and the surrounding regions. Our studio space is designed to foster a collaborative design process that allows our cumulative talents to come together and produce projects with our clients, for which we can both be proud.

We have experience in most building types. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen and learn from owners, stakeholders, and the community at large. Studio6Architects is known as a firm that will vigorously defend your project goals, budget, and schedule. We complete our projects on time and on budget. We have relationships with familiar and equally experienced local consultants who share our goals for successful projects and satisfied clients.