Our Process

We Make Our Customers Happy

We are committed to providing a high quality product to all of our clients. Our process ensures that every project meets the standards of our client and all of those involved in process of creating a successful project.

Schematic Design

We meet with the owner, user groups, and facility managers to evaluate the project program. Then we select, from an array of possible solutions, one that we feel best captures the essence of the project and make a presentation to the client.

Design Development

We will continue to refine the design as we incorporate more and more detail. Our consultants will designs systems and equipment to compliment the design and drawings and models will increase in scale and detail as our project managers maintain constant contact with our client.

Construction Documents

Our team will produce the drawings and documents required to actually construct the project, as well as any special drawings required by the municipality for design approval and permitting. Our drawings will be highly detailed and thoroughly coordinated.

Construction Administration

S6A remains actively involved in the Construction Administration of every one of our projects. We are here to ensure the quality we expect is in the finished project. We make frequents site visits to observe project status. We engage in regular meetings with the contractor. We continue in our responsibility to guide the Owner to completion of the project.