David W. Conyers, CSI / CCS





Influenced by a wonderful teacher and mentor while in junior high school in the mid 1970s, I knew architecture was my calling. I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to do or loved other than becoming a legendary rock star (which was not highly likely).


After attending Oklahoma State University & studying Architectural Construction Technology, I transferred to the University of Oklahoma’s School of Architecture to complete my studies, grow up a little, and embark on a career in architecture.


Although I never made it as a legendary rock star, I still enjoy playing guitar, and on occasion the drums. My band these days consists of me and my granddaughter performing solo gigs in my home studio. In her eyes, I am a rock star.


Along with music, I enjoy competitive shooting sports and cooking for family and friends. A lot of my spare time is spent watching our oldest son peddle his drag car down the race track and watching our granddaughter play competitive fast pitch softball.


Having more than 30 years in this profession, I am as excited about architecture today as I was back in junior high.